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What to Expect When Living in a Self-catering Accommodation

Affordable accommodation that makes you feel at home gives you a sense of security and comfort when you’re living and working away from loved ones. If you are staying in London, you have a wide choice of accommodation, from hotels and hostels to houses and flat-shares.

If you opt to live in self-catering accommodation, here are a few things you can expect:

Some Facilities are Provided

If you have an image of an empty apartment and are already packing all your home appliances […]

LHA London resident returns

Mr Kang visited Belvedere House a few weeks ago after 20 years since he was a resident of the self-catered accommodation in South Kensington. He recognised the manager, from his time at Belvedere House two decades on and sent us the following:

“First of all, I appreciate your staffs’ kindness while I was staying there.
I guess it’s same in 20 years.
Also that is a special memory that I met you again in 20 years.

When I came to London […]