Monthly Archives: May 2016

Achieve a Well-balanced Student Life in London

While it is important to keep up with your studies, life is more than just writing essays and scoring well on tests. Here in LHA London, we believe that students should lead a well-balanced life that goes beyond the classroom.

One of the advantages of rooming in hostels is that it is relatively easy to engage in other enriching activities during your stay. Our student accommodation in London has various facilities available, from fitness gyms to roof gardens, for a […]

LHA London Life Stories: Mr. Richards

A few weeks ago we had a visitor return to the recently refurbished Belvedere House; an ex-resident by the name of Mr. Paul Richards and his wife, who were celebrating his 70th birthday. Mr. Richards lived at the hostel on the weekly rent plan in 1966 for a year when he was 20 and had never visited Belvedere House since.  The LHA London team offered a tour of the house including a quick visit to his former room.  Mr. Richards was impressed with the hostel and remarked that […]