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Book now 10% off for 18-21 year olds

10% off room fees at Bowden Court!

We’re now taking bookings in shared accommodation with a special 10% discount available for 18-21 year olds. Book now to avoid disappointment!

To make a booking, call Bowden on +44(0)20 3740 2429 or email to confirm your place with a £200 deposit.

Deposit is returnable after a minimum 2 week stay.

Living with Strangers: Why It Isn’t a Bad Thing

Going on trips abroad are just one of the things many people do to broaden their horizons. It can be an expensive endeavour to study or simply take extended tours, but know that there are also many way to make it affordable. Stay in a hostel to reduce your expenses and get to meet other people from different countries.

Learn from Strangers from All Over the World

Having a stranger in your room or sharing a living space with them can be […]