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Average London Rental Statistics

London has one of the better reputations when it comes to affordable real estate in comparison to other cities with a similar standing. But there are very few resources that actually help travellers decide how different the city is against its international peers in terms of reasonably priced property. Fortunately, we have this covered, as we have a compilation of the average costs a traveller would incur if they wanted to live in London.

Bear in mind that the numbers we […]

Oktoberfest 2015 in Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest group photo

Book your ticket with Stoke Travel with the promo code ‘LHALONDON’ for freebies on the trip!

Where? Munich, Bavaria, Germany – campsite around 30 min train/bus from Oktoberfest itself

When? September 18th – October 5th (in 4/5 day packages)

How? You can either meet us there through your own transport or take our private buses which run from London/Barcelona/Amsterdam/Prague/Budapest/Milan every weekend

Cost? 60 euros per day