Monthly Archives: April 2015

Getting Along with a New Flatmate

Living with a new flatmate can be downright awkward, not to mention leading to some anxiety. You will surely have a few questions and misgivings in mind before you even meet them. Are they nice? Do they clean up after themselves? Will their quirks affect me? The case is all the same whether you are the one moving or the one welcoming the new flatmate.

Whatever your expectations are, you are certainly looking to have a new flatmate who is fun […]

LHA London launches the BAFTAs

Torquay House entrance hall

The ‘Bring Friend to Torquay house Accommodation Scheme’ is now open for all current residents of LHA London.

All you have to do is introduce someone to our brand new purpose-built studios at Torquay House located in between Notting Hill and Paddington and if they stay for 4 weeks or more we will credit £50 to your account.

In order to qualify for the BAFTAs, you need to satisfy some conditions listed at the bottom of […]