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5 of Central London’s Most Student-Friendly Eats

While some of our accommodations do offer catering, you might want to eat somewhere new for a change of pace. Grabbing a bite to eat is an excellent way to unwind with your friends, and celebrate whenever someone aces an exam. Most students do not have much in the way of spare cash, however, so dining anywhere in Central London can seem impossible at times.

But if you know where to look, there are plenty of places throughout […]

Introducing Torquay House

Hi Everybody,

The present is very exciting, Torquay’s development is a huge building with twelve floors, 143 rooms, 11 kitchens and incredible views across London.

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We’ve got a great gym, a roof terrace, bike storage and study areas making it a great home for students and young working people.

Study Room [...]


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Volunteering with LHA London

Volunteer photo

We have been running our volunteering programme for over 8 years at LHA and now developed to have over 150 active volunteers. Duties include house keeping, kitchen-portering and serving in our dining rooms. Volunteers can also progress to reception duties and food preparation in one of our five kitchens. Volunteers offer around 20 hours to LHA and we provide them accommodation and half board (where available). Volunteering allows people to live their London Lives – many of them are students […]

Belvedere House Renovations

Triple room

LHA London’s most recent re-investment into quality and affordable accommodation nears its final stages at Belvedere House this week as the finishing touches are applied to the ground floor and the external scaffolding begins to come down. Christmas time can be challenging for this industry with occupancy typically low, however these new rooms came on the market and sold quickly to students and young working people, many of whom are still staying with us today.

Below are some of the […]

A Vacationer’s Guide to a Winter Visit in London

London is superb all year-round, but it undergoes a wondrous transformation during the winter. Apart from the fascinating ice crystals, London offers rare winter activities that will keep you coming back for more. Some of these attractions are not available year-round or are best enjoyed when surrounded by snow.

Visiting London this time of the year? Experience winter wonderland by doing the following:

1. Skate the Ice

Ice skating is a practice wholly associated with winter. Even if you […]