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From the cutting edge studios and en-suites of Torquay House to the vibrant community feel of New Mansion House, our wide range of affordable accommodation in London comes equipped with modern features and amenities to suit our guests.

Our accommodation benefits from 24 hour security, Wi-Fi and contents insurance as standard, giving our guests the assurance of a wonderful stay in London. We provide accommodation for students and young professionals looking for affordable yet comfortable new homes. Our accommodation is affordable and furnished to suit our guest’s lifestyle and preferences.

Many of our houses come with amenities such as a gym, study room, game room, and even a roof garden, making them ideal for both work and play. Our sociable areas help our guests meet new people, if they want to.

Here’s what our guest, Jose Perez, has to say; "If you want to stay in the best part of London, meet people like you and have loads of fun for an affordable price this is the place to come!"

Pinherio Petitjean also agrees; "The accommodation provides value for money, safety, plus the staff are awesome."

Our accommodation combines comfort, convenience, security, affordability in a fun environment. If you’re a student or young professional who’s looking for cheap accommodation in London, try out the accommodation finder below to see which of our 13 houses is perfect for you. Whether you are looking for a house in zone 1, an in-house gym or somewhere catered, we have something for you.
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